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Yogini Marion Dien


In 1995 I came to live in the Humaniversity. The staff members were role models for me. I wanted to intensify my life and learn more about myself, and the Humaniversity seemed like the best place to do that.

I am the House Manager of the Community, I am one of the Tourist Program Leaders, and I am passionate about giving individual sessions in bodywork. I am also a Course Counselor of the New Sexuality Training and lead workshops on sexuality and emotional expression.

As well as being a Humaniversity Therapist I am trained in Eastern and Western healing techniques including Shiatsu, Rebalancing, Bio Energetics, Reiki, Divine Healing and Intuitive Massage.

When I am working with people I like to help them to open their hearts, become more honest and go for what they want in life. It touches me to see someone open up. Then I feel I can teach and pass on what I learned.

My hobbies are gardening, baking, reading, studying, exercising, walking in nature and spending time with friends.


House Manager