Yogini Marion Dien


In 1995 I came to live in the Humaniversity. The staff members were role models for me. I wanted to intensify my life and learn more about myself, and the Humaniversity seemed like the best place to do that.

I am the House Manager of the Community, I am one of the Tourist Program Leaders, and I am passionate about giving individual sessions in bodywork. I am also a Course Counselor of the New Sexuality Training and lead workshops on sexuality and emotional expression.

As well as being a Humaniversity Therapist I am trained in Eastern and Western healing techniques including Shiatsu, Rebalancing, Bio Energetics, Reiki, Divine Healing and Intuitive Massage.

When I am working with people I like to help them to open their hearts, become more honest and go for what they want in life. It touches me to see someone open up. Then I feel I can teach and pass on what I learned.

My hobbies are gardening, baking, reading, studying, exercising, walking in nature and spending time with friends.

Online Individual Counselling

Bioenergetics, Coaching, Counselling, Bodywork
You are welcome to book an online individual counselling with me.

My passion in working with people is to guide you to reconnect with your heart and feel your body.  Bioenergetic sessions help you to release stress and resolve emotional blockages. You will get more contact with your emotions, feelings and sensations, increase your ability to experience pleasure and gain more self awareness.

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