Yasha Monika Mueller


In 2011, right after graduating as an Osteopath BSc (Hons) and Esalen massage therapist, I came to the Humaniversity for the first time. I was curious to explore myself more before getting into a life routine. During my journey there I found many lost, buried and unexpected parts of myself. But that was not all. I also made many uniquely beautiful friends and created a family for my heart. I found a new home.

Today I feel blessed that I meet so many people from all walks of life. Every day I experience their uniqueness while we all learn from each other. The love and care we share, working and meditating, living and searching, has created for me the perfect base to follow my own personal commitment: I can heal, grow and blossom, both within myself, as well as in relation to the world around me.

I feel very passionate about working with people! I want to bring light and support on their journey to get to know themselves and create more fulfillment in their lives. I love providing a space for everyone in my care to feel deeply touched and connected. My goal is to enable people to be authentic and find meaning, joy and happiness. I want everyone to have the courage and (com)passion to create more of this wherever they go.

I become fulfilled by touch, music, dancing and being playful. I love designing, organizing and getting things done. I enjoy watching a movie with friends, having hilarious discussions and baking cakes for the whole family.