Working with People

A Master Course in Love and Compassion

Working with People

Veeresh was working with people for almost 50 years. This workshop encapsulates his vast life experience and learning. His innovative and compassionate style touched many hearts and changed many lives, and love and compassion formed the basis of working with people.

During this group you will experience first hand many different therapeutic approaches:

  • Encounter
  • Emotional release
  • Bioenergetics
  • Seminars
  • Relationship exercises
  • Heart Meetings
  • Structures from therapeutic communities
  • Sharing and feedback
  • Meditation

All of the approaches are geared towards establishing love, friendship and harmony inside yourself, towards others and in the world in which you live and work.

Working with People is a 'marathon group', meaning it is packed full of activities, and you may get less sleep than you are used to in your normal life. This maximizes your experience while you are here. With less sleep your mind relaxes, new spaces of awareness appear and you become more authentic. Often you will feel soft and open. In this space, it is easier to melt with people, letting love work its magic. Naturally, if you have a medical condition, we will ensure that you get all the rest you need.

This group is for everyone, both professional and non-professional, who wants to expand their boundaries and experience a new way of working, living and being with people.

Working with People is part of the AUM Meditation Leader Training every other year in the fall.

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