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Tourist Plus

For Tourist Program graduates

Tourist-Plus is a seven-day course designed to bring you into a deeper experience at the Humaniversity. We have created this especially for busy people who want to focus quickly and effectively on specific issues in their lives.

A brief course is possible because you know us, we know you and you know how the Tourist Program works. This means that you will be able to deep-dive straight into working on your personal issue.

Tourist Plus

Your focus can be

  • Difficulties in your love life
  • Challenges at work
  • Relationship Crisis
  • Family dynamics
  • General lack of energy or motivation
  • Or any other issue that you feel stuck with

We all face challenges in life. Here at the Humaniversity we support you with a great boost of energy and all of our experience. We help you to expose what lies below the issue and make the change that you need.

Here’s how Tourist-Plus works

  • An in-check interview to identify the matters you wish to work on
  • A personal coach of your choice from the Humaniversity Staff
  • 5 days in the Tourist Program
  • 2 days in a weekend workshop
  • 1 individual session (choose from a range of counseling and bodywork options)
  • An out-check interview to review your experiences and insights

Tourist Plus

Tourist-Plus is ongoing throughout the year. You can start any day, Monday through Friday at 12:00, except during the WOW Intensive (mid-July to mid-August) and the Coming Together (end of December).


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