Therapist Training

Working with people for a better world

The Humaniversity Therapist Training is a comprehensive personal development program providing you with the essential education required for any profession that involves working with people.

Studying therapy is one of the most exciting challenges you can undertake. The secret to helping others lies in having the courage to encounter what is inside of you.

Through your participation in this training, you will learn

  • How to express yourself accurately, effectively and authentically
  • How to relate with understanding and sensitivity towards others
  • What you need and what you can give
  • How to invite other people to be part of your projects and your life
  • How to create friendship and intimacy.

As a graduate of the Therapist Training program, you will be able to teach from a wealth of experience and support others in their process of self-exploration. You will have the skills to lead classes using Humaniversity Therapy techniques, give counseling sessions, lead meditations and guide all-day personal growth workshops.

What can I expect to experience? You will experience going beyond your limits. You will have more energy, dance more, fall in love with more people, make more friends and express yourself more fully than you ever believed possible. Through all of this you will discover that any limiting, restricted picture of yourself that you have been carrying around isn't really you.

What if I’m not sure I want to be a therapist? That's fine. There is no need to be sure about this when you start, or even as you progress through your training. The elements of the training are the basic components of living a fulfilling and nourishing life, no matter what work you may choose to do afterwards.

Training Format

The part-time format of this training is one of its most valuable features. It gives you the opportunity to bring into your daily life what you learn about yourself and how you relate. This can positively affect your relationships with your family, partner, friends and the people you work with.

Before and after every weekend group you will meet with your peer group and your course counselor to share how this integration is working for you. You will also receive support to develop your practice outside of the Humaniversity. Over the four years, you will develop intimate relationships within your peer group. Many trainees continue these connections as life-long friendships.

First Year – Self-Exploration

The first year focuses entirely on self-experience and personal awareness. You will explore the impact of your behavior, attitudes and feelings on yourself and others. You will experience the power of giving and receiving love in a safe and caring environment.

The first year Includes:

  • Participation in nine weekend workshops. As a participant you will join the group structures and experience the therapeutic techniques by doing them for yourself. Before and after each group you will have a sharing with your peer group to integrate your experiences.
  • Participation in the month-long summer workshop WOW. This is an intense adventure in relating with yourself, the other and the world you live in.

See the calendar of the first year

Second Year – Responsibility

Now it’s time to take responsibility for yourself and become aware of the actions, intentions and needs of the people around you. You will become especially sensitive to the needs of newcomers to the group process.

The second year includes:

  • Caretaking in the nine weekend workshops. You will assist the staff in organizing the group and taking care of others. You will also participate in the group at the same time. Through working and learning so closely together, you will build strong bonds with your fellow trainees.
  • Caretaking in the month-long WOW
  • Participation in seven tutorial days and one tutorial weekend to help you to understand and integrate your experiential studies

See the calendar of the second year

Third Year – Professional Skills

In this year you will be an assistant staff member in workshops. You will be given continuous coaching and feedback to guide people through group structures.

The third year includes:

  • Assisting the staff in five workshops
  • Participation in six advanced workshops and a vision weekend with your peer group
  • Professional development training, including administrative and organizational skills
  • Participation in the 14-day Tourist Program (to be paid separately)
  • Presentation of a seminar to your peer group discussing a specific topic in your personal development

See the calendar of the third year

Fourth Year – Professional Development

You will become part of the group staff, assist and lead sessions, deepen your clinical understanding of the group process and gain more experience in the therapeutic approach of your choice.

The fourth year includes:

  • Staffing five workshops
  • Participation in four professional development workshops and a vision weekend
  • Training and practice in giving individual sessions
  • Assisting the 14-day Tourist Program
  • A written report on your professional development
  • A paper and seminar discussing a selected aspect of therapy

A Humaniversity therapist has to love himself and other people. In his heart, he wants to give. He cares so much that he’s not willing to give up on anybody. More than that, he is open to being friends.  Veeresh

See the calendar of the fourth year


This program leads to the title Humaniversity Facilitator when combined with the residential Student Program. Further studies towards becoming a Humaniversity Therapist can be pursued in our post-graduate training programs.

The training begins each year in September. 

Course Counsellors

Leader: Sangitama
Course Counsellor Level 1: Isha
Course Counsellor Level 2: Dharmaraj
Course Counsellor Level 3: Geetee
Course Counsellor Level 4: Sangitama & Yogini