The New Sexuality Training

A deep exploration of your intimate, emotional & sexual life

New format:

Level 1: Participation in five weekend workshops and a vision weekend.
See the calendar of Level 1

Level 2: Caretaking in the five weekends and coaching others in sexual issues.
See the calendar of Level 2

The New Sexuality Training is an opportunity to enrich and explore your sexuality in a safe environment and to learn from masters in the field. It will relieve you of the shame, embarrassment and guilt often associated with sex, leaving you more able to appreciate sexuality for what it is, a natural and beautiful expression of yourself.

This training reconnects you to your core. It allows you to:

  • Experience new ways of being intimate and sensual
  • Free up your body
  • Understand your attitudes and values around sex
  • Become more aware of your feelings and emotions
  • Improve your relating and communication skills
  • Learn how to make connections, flirt, make friends, and date
  • Transform your relationships
  • Enjoy moments of meditation
  • Coach and guide fellow students in the workshops

Leader: Chandrika
Course Counsellor Level 1: Jayesh
Course Counsellor Level 2: Sambodhi

The sexuality training begins each year in March. You can start with any of the first three workshops of the training.