Student Program

The path to awareness, responsibility and friendship

The best way to learn about yourself is through living and working together with others. To live here at the Humaniversity full-time as a student is a mind-blowing experience.

You will let go of old behavior patterns that do not give you what you want. And you will learn new ways to relate and express yourself so that you can live the life you always dreamed of.

It's a time of concentrated growth – a movement from the unconscious to the conscious. The Student Program is a challenge. It’s a new way of life.

During the Student Program you will

  • Build your emotional literacy and ability to express your emotions clearly
  • Increase your personal power and your authenticity
  • Learn how to take responsibility for who you are, what you do and what happens to you
  • Grow in your ability to resolve conflicts with friends, relationships, co-workers and family
  • Learn to be part of a team in many different work situations
  • Form deep and lasting friendships
  • And maybe find the loving relationship you’ve always wanted!

The prerequisite for the program is successful completion of the Tourist Program.  The Student Program takes approximately one year to complete, depending on your personal progress. The minimum commitment for the program is one month.

Day-to-Day Student Life

You will live, work and do sessions together with other students and become an intimate and functional family. Along the way, the feelings and habits that normally limit your life and relationships outside will begin to appear. The Student Program is the ideal place to work through these issues and ultimately to open your heart.

The program is designed in modules to help you evolve through distinct stages of development.

Student I

You will explore your feelings and increase your emotional awareness through meditations, sessions and sharings. You will receive honest feedback about your approach to life from your student family and learn how to relate with sensitivity to others. By working in community departments, you will practice clear communication.

In the evenings you will attend classes in martial arts, creative expression or massage. Afterwards you can relax in our nightclub or coffee shop. On weekends you have the opportunity to join workshops to deepen your growth process.

Student II

Now that you have developed emotional roots, your focus expands from self-awareness to awareness of others. You will begin to guide the newer students in your family from your experience. You will take a deeper look at your own habits and behaviors, and practice new and more fulfilling ways of relating.

In the community departments, such as the kitchen, sanitation, garden, maintenance, laundry and reception, you will learn how to organize and take responsibility. You will learn how to communicate as a friend and to work as part of a team.

Student III

In level three you will become a leader and discover what it is that makes you happy. Running departments in the community, you will manage all practical details as well as the needs of your team. You will take the drivers seat in your own process of personal growth and help to design and implement the sessions, sharings and activities for the whole student family.

You will inspire your fellow students to create a vibrant, loving family that nourishes every one of you. You will start to realize that you can be the master of your life.

The only thing worth learning in life is love. Life is an opportunity to learn love; life is the school. If you miss love, you have missed all education. If you learned the way of love your schooling has been fruitful.  Osho, Zorba The Buddha

The Student Program is an ongoing program. You can start any day of the year.