Leaf & Lake Studio

Leaf & Lake Studio

MOON OF LIFE RETREAT 2019: Dancing with Life Event with several meditations With Isabella Marin (Prem Sonali) and Cathy Shap Stocker

Is a whole weekend from Friday, August 16  till Sunday, August 18. To enjoy in nature in the good company of our sisters. 

This weekend retreat is an opportunity to spend time immersed in sisterhood, movement, music, poetry, and art; to be bathed in the light of August’s full moon and the positive energy of the forest, lakes and dunes of Northern Michigan as we guide you through a process involving dancing meditation, emotional release and expression, embodiment practices, deep listening, medicine walks in nature, art-making, laughter and love to help you feel, from head to toe, your life, your deep connection with yourself, others, the natural world, and the divine.

As part of the process we wil be doing the Sacred Earth Meditation, Love Meditation and a mini AUM, form Veeresh. 


Ideal for any woman of any age who longs for meaningful connection with other women, with her own body, with the natural world, and with the sacred feminine. 

Ideal for anyone appreciative of facilitators who are practical, down-to-earth, well-trained, notably experienced in leading workshops, retreats, and circles, and devoted to helping people deepen and expand their capacity to heal, create, and enjoy their lives.




Healthy Snacks & tea each day

A full vegetarian lunch on Saturday

A healthy green smoothie fresh from the garden on Sunday

Art supplies


Refillable Water Bottle

Yoga Mat

Blanket & Small Pillow

Comfortable Clothing + a change of clothes for Saturday

Bathing Suit & Towel

Comfortable shoes for walking outdoors

Natural Bug Spray

Journal & Pen/Pencils



Leaf & Lake Studio

10484 S Leelanau Way

Traverse City, MI

Leaf & Lake Studio sits on 15 acres of rolling hills and forest overlooking pristine Lake Leelanau on the Leelanau Peninsula, just 5 miles west of downtown Traverse City, in Northern Michigan.

The studio is a beautiful blend of indoor and outdoor space and there will be plenty of opportunity to explore the woods, garden, and water during the weekend.  



Friday, August 16 – Sunday, August 18

Friday 7pm-10pm

Saturday 9am- 5pm  

Sunday 9am- 1pm



Isabella Marín Muñoz (Prem Sonali) has promoted emotional health for the last 17 years. She began her journey as a psychologist and systemic psychotherapist in Colombia and then moved toward the exploration of the body and active meditations in Spain and The Netherlands. She has studied dance therapy and Biodanza (Rolando Toro System) in Barcelona, and she trained for five years at the Osho Humaniversity - School for Masters in the Netherlands as a therapist and leader of social and active meditations. She is in private practice in Barcelona, Spain where she lives and creates programs that invite people to open their hearts and connect deeply. She also works in Barcelona with an NGO as a therapist with asylum seekers from war-torn areas, and for the Colombian Consulate she directs a therapeutic group for Colombian migrants affected by the Colombian armed conflict.

Cathy Shap Stockercreated Leaf & Lake Studioas an incubator for a different sensibility to explore itself, one that is urgently being called forth by the circumstances humanity now faces. A long-time educator who left institutional academia because it promotes information and compliance over truth and freedom, Cathy has been creating programs, retreats, and workshops that support and promote creativity and the arts and holistic health and mindfulness for over 15 years. She holds an MFA in poetry and creative writing, is a certified yoga teacher, and a certified holistic health counselor. Her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart prize and she has been published in both print and online in journals such as The Florida Review, The Louisville Review, The Bear River Review, Public Republic and more. She also recently completed a year-long embodiment training, with author and embodiment expert Philip Shepherd, known as the The Embodied Present Process. Cathy lives with her husband in Traverse City, Michigan on a 15-acre homestead known as Maple Villa. She is mom to 4 grown kids.




Sliding Scale

$275 - $350

EMAIL or CALL Cathy to Register and we will send you a link to pay by your choice of either Paypal, Venmo, or check


Cathy at 810-922-6878 or


If you will be traveling from out of town: There are many airbnb’s in the area, as well as hotels, and we will be happy to make suggestions. For those who enjoy camping, we welcome you to bring a tent and camp on the property. Contact Cathy for more information.


Fri 16 Aug 2019 - 19:00 hrs