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This hoodie was designed by Veeresh and created by the Humaniversity Design Team from the start to finish. The fabric was produced for us using a special yarn to ensure quality and durability. Each dragon takes six hours to be embroidered. The Chinese character next to it symbolizes the year of the Dragon, 2012. Veeresh's signature is the trademark of our new collection. By wearing this beautiful Jacket, you take the Humaniversity where you go. The Rose is a symbol of our spiritual master Osho. This hoodie reprsents our passion for creativity and for sharing our love with all our friends.

Humaniversity Dragon Hoodie with:

  • Veeresh signature - embroidered on the front
  • Osho Humaniversity logo - School for Masters - embroidered on the front
  • Osho humaniversity - printed/embroidered on the right arm
  • The Dragon - embroidered on the back 
  • Red lining   

Fabric: 100% cotton
Inside lining: Satin
Dry clean only

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Humaniversity Dragon Hoodie (Red Lining) (Men)

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