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  • Set of 9 cards by Chandrika

Assortment package of 9 folded cards by Chandrika:

  • Australia 2
  • Canada Kaleidoscope
  • Canada 2
  • Golden Flower
  • Just for you
  • Lotus
  • Orange Flower
  • Wild Flower
  • Wow

Size: 13.5 x 13.5 cm

Each card has a poem on the front.

Envelopes included

About the Mandalas

"I started to draw mandalas when I was 18; it helped me to centre myself and it simply made me very happy to watch my creation grow!

Thirty years later, on holidays in Australia, I began drawing again at the suggestion of my husband.

My mandalas are hand drawn with pencils, sometimes even without helping tools. I love to start from the middle, and then slowly develop them out to the periphery until a surprising new mandala appears!

I often take my inspiration from the light and nature around me. Each of them has its own story.

To draw a mandala takes me about 5 hours non-stop concentration. But often I start in the center, then let it rest and watch it until I get the inspiration how to proceed. At the end I am often surprised what the final result is.

I hope that you enjoy looking at them and I wish that the colours and the light that shine through them, will give you some love and healing into your daily life." -Chandrika



Breathe out -
And let all tensions go.

Breathe in -
And refill yourself with freshness.

Then let go, and take in again.

Watch the rhythm of your breath,
Swinging in and out.

…and fall into your centre.

Canada Kaleidoscope:

is a Flower



The colours of life are whirling
Across the universe,
Spreading the light.
This very moment is magic!

Golden Flower:

The Golden Flower
Is opening –
The heart is dancing –
Joy is silent and calm –
Love is overflowing!

Just For You:

Just for you,
This moment,
Sharing one heart,
Our souls unite,
So silently!


Growing from darkness
Towards the light –
The lotus shines from within,
Opening infinite petals,
Arriving back home.

Orange Flower:

The whole earth is awakening.
Turning the sky aflame.

I am so happy to be alive!


Near the sandy shore
Covering the land
with a delicate pink carpet,
waves and kissing the golden beach,
a picture painted by God –
my heart stops beating for a moment!


Is the Sound
of Amazement.

Size 13.5 x 13.5 cm

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Set of 9 cards by Chandrika

  • Set of 9 cards by Chandrika, with poems.

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  • Set of 9 cards by Chandrika, with poems.