Sambodhi Sharon Argov


I am a creative person and living in the Humaniversity gives me the opportunity to express both of my biggest passions, working with people and making a difference to their lives. I specialize in graphic design, marketing, creativity, meditation and introductory workshops.

In working with people what inspires me the most is to help people to touch a space of silence inside.

After traveling the world for a number of years I became inspired by the work of Veeresh and the Humaniversity and decided to stay and call this place home. I completed many of the training programs and have moved on to working with others to pass on my learning and experience. I am a Course Counsellor of the Therapist Training and New Sexuality Training.

Meeting people is a true exhilaration for me, and I just love the warmth and love that we can create together.

In my spare time I like the challenge of Bikram Yoga and I enjoy traveling, giving myself time to quietly contemplate the world.

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