Kristian Rajan Waitz


I came to the Humaniversity in 2006. I had a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Science in Sociology, and for many years I had a successful career in a public office. But I was missing something.

I visited the Humaniversity, and made it my work and home. I learned a unique way of listening to and trusting my heart, and I discovered that I have access to more energy than I thought possible. I am a Therapist and Course Counselor of the Student Program and Encounter Training, I lead workshops and I'm a co-leader of the Social Meditation Leader Training

It touches me when people open up, and come closer to their heart and  home.

I create and manage the Humaniversity website, I am a coffee barista, and I kitesurf at our local beach whenever it's windy. I do what I love doing.