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Wellness Weeks

Cleanse your body and revitalize your life

Sangitama with the Health Week Staff

“Your body is a divine temple. It needs constant care and appreciation. Without your body, who would you be?” -Veeresh

Give a gift to your body during Sangitama’s Wellness Weeks. Each week is designed to help you de-stress, detoxify and bring your body back into balance. Along with her dedicated and professional staff, Sangitama will guide you through seminars, cleansing diets, personal health counseling, emotional clearing, yoga and more.

Sangitama is a Humaniversity Therapist and a certified healing practitioner who combines Eastern and Western methods of healing. She has been trained in many natural healing arts, including acupuncture, homeopathy, living blood analysis, kinesiology and reflexology.

She combines them with her incredible intuition and therapeutic experience to guide you in a healthy direction. Along the way she keeps you motivated with her humor and her tender loving care.

Each Wellness Week includes

  • A special diet using natural organic foods to flush out toxins
  • Seminars on body and emotional health
  • Meditations, emotional clearing exercises, yoga and massage
  • Beach walks along the North Sea coast
  • Living blood analysis before and after treatment
  • Colon hydrotherapy and a body wrap
  • Personal counseling and tips to improve your health once you return home

Each Wellness Week focuses on revitalizing a different part of your body:

Colon Health

A one-week cleansing diet for your colon. Dieting with the support of others will keep you motivated and makes it fun. As you improve the functioning of your colon, you will increase your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and stay healthy.

Liver Flush

This is a must for anyone that lives a stressful life or has used prescription or recreational drugs or alcohol. During this week you will be guided through a diet that will safely and naturally flush deposits from your liver and gall bladder. The result is a healthy liver, a clearer mind and increased vitality.

Kidney Cleanse

Eastern traditions tell us that the kidney energy allows us to relate to others with trust and openness. It is the organ of the sexual meridian. When your kidneys are weak from stress or eating such acid-forming foods as coffee and sugars, you may feel tired or rundown. During this week you will participate in a detoxification process to cleanse the kidneys and dissolve any stones that have formed, improving your overall health and energy for life.


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