Prem Jan Kraal

Prem Jan

I came to the Humaniversity in 1980. For over 35 years I have studied meditation, different therapies and martial arts. I enjoy working with people to help them to realize their potential, find their inner strength and go for happiness in their lives. I am an Osho-Do Master, lead workshops and I'm a co-leader of the AUM Meditation Leader Training.

In my work I feel that I can contribute a lot through what I have gained and experienced on my own journey.

It is an amazing experience to be able to support people to express long held emotions and encourage them to free up their energy and direct it in a positive way. It makes me happy to pass on what I have learned.  

In December 2008 I got married. My wife, Shanti, and I love traveling together and discovering new places. I like music, photography, shopping, dancing and parties and enjoy watching good soccer matches with my friends. 



Director of Finance and Administration