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Dr. Prabhat Dietrich Sternberg


Medical doctor, osteopath, psychotherapist, trauma therapist, addiction therapist, Humaniversity psychotherapist and consultant.

Worked with traumatised people in Bolivia, Sudan, India, Uganda, Libanon, Malaysia and Europe.

Pia and Prabhat are the founders of the Trauma Therapy Institute Berlin where they developed their concept integrating psychical, physical, neurobiological and mental approaches to successfully process traumatic experiences.



Dealing with Trauma Training Part 1

Date: 03 - 05 Nov 2017 With Prabhat & Pia

A crash course offering new tools in trauma therapy for those who work with people individually – from social work to therapy. This weekend is part 1 of the Dealing with Trauma Training. The training consists of two workshops of three days each, with an interval in between to integrate and practice.

Dealing with Trauma Training Part 2

Date: 16 - 18 Mar 2018 With Prabhat & Pia

A continuation of the training for those who have completed Dealing with Trauma Training Part 1.