Veeresh Accepts the 2010 Rainbow Spirit Award

Veeresh received in 2010 the Rainbow Spirit Award for authentically lived spirituality and tolerance. See the video where he receives the award.

The award is given by the "The One Spirit GmbH", Rainbow Spirit organization, who "dedicates the Rainbow Spirit Award to an individual or a group for authentically lived spirituality and tolerance.The criteria are: Is a spiritual teacher or ambassador living truly consciously, open and alive? Is he or she incorruptible and a role model of tolerance and integrity?"

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  • Samadhi

    09 September 2010 at 22:48 |
    Dear Veeresh,
    thank you for your humility, for your love, for your example.
    I' m so grateful that you are part of my life, that I met you in this life-time.
    You touch my heart, you make me feel the silence inside. Soooo much love.
    You are in my heart forever.
    Thank you Osho for Veeresh.


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