Personalized Wellness Retreats

Cleanse your body and revitalize your life.

Your body is a divine temple. It needs constant care and appreciation.
Without your body, who would you be? -Veeresh

Give a gift to your body during Sangitama’s  Personalized Wellness Retreat. Each retreat is designed to help you de-stress, detoxify and bring your body back into balance. It is based on your personal needs concerning health and your body’s condition as well as your choices. You might want to do a specific detox or organ cleanse, or just enjoy coming for meditation, beach walks and receiving healing sessions for exactly the amount of time that you choose for.

Sangitama is a Humaniversity Therapist and a certified healing practitioner who combines Eastern and Western methods of healing. She has been trained in many natural healing arts, including acupuncture, homeopathy, living blood analysis, kinesiology and reflexology.

She combines them with her incredible intuition and therapeutic experience to guide you in a healthy direction. Along the way she will keep you motivated with her humor and her tender loving care.

You can choose from those options:

  • Detox for colon, kidneys, strengthening of immune system, and liver
  • Detox from heavy metals, glyphosate, pesticides electromagnetic field disturbances, parasites, dental toxins
  • Healing sessions: regulation diagnostics, psycho kinesiology, osteopathy, craniosacral relaxation, rebalancing, colonics, healing massage, acupuncture, alkalizing massage, and more.
  • Beach walks along the North Sea coast, emotional clearing exercises, meditation
  • Living blood analysis before and after treatment

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Please contact Sangitama and ask for a consultation to design a program for you. The fee varies according to your choices.

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