Personal Education Course

Nine months of personal growth and development

Each workshop will address a specific topic that you encounter in daily life. By learning experientially about your needs and feelings, you will gain the awareness to navigate more smoothly through all the challenges that life presents you. You will also have the opportunity to clean out your emotions and to nourish yourself with love, warmth, and intimacy.

There will be a sharing at the beginning and end of each weekend workshop with your course counselor and fellow trainees. Their insights and support will help you to create a fresh vision for yourself to live with more passion and confidence. At the same time you will form friendships to expand the new you that will emerge at the end of the nine months.

The workshops included in the Personal Education Course are:

If you wish to continue your studies, these workshops can be accredited towards the first year of the Therapist Training.

You may start the Personal Education Course with any of the workshops listed. 


€ 2,750.00
Workshops in the Personal Education Course