Parents and Kids Camp

Family time at the Humaniversity

The Parents & Kids Camp takes place twice a year, over Easter and between Christmas and New Year's. It's an opportunity for you and your kids up to the age of 12 to join our community for several days.

Through creativity, play, music, theater, beach walks and outings we'll create a space where you can enjoy spending time with your children and meet other families. For the adults we will have sharings and sessions where you will be able to support each other as parents.

The food will be a healthy vegetarian diet plus some extra goodies for the kids. We speak English at the Humaniversity, but we often have families who speak a range of other languages. The leader of the camp is Mariangela, a Humaniversity therapist who worked for many years as a teacher in Italy.

I love the Parents & Kids Camp. The laughter and playfulness of the kids brings a special flavor to the house. The care of the parents always touches my heart and the intimacy we all share together is a gift. Mariangela, Camp Leader

With all the parents and children we create one big family, and it is beautiful to see that everyone is taking care of each other and sharing whatever comes up. For the parents and children, it's fun to live in a community full of love and freedom and to become friends with one another. The kids love it, and they feel very much at home. Kirti, parent