One Year Intensive

Change your life forever

Imagine yourself in one year – are you still sitting in the same chair, watching TV, chained to your computer, wishing for a better life, a better job, a better relationship, a better you?

The One Year Intensive is a commitment to create lasting life change. As our most comprehensive program, it provides you with 365 days of everything the Humaniversity has to offer including individual, group and communal therapy.

 By the end of the year you will have gained

  • The skills to create positive and creative solutions for your life, especially in stressful situations
  • More clarity and ability to focus on what you want
  • Many close and meaningful friendships
  • Trust in your intuition and the courage to follow your heart
  • Success in the art of being human

 The One Year Intensive includes participation in

  • The Tourist Program
  • The Student Program
  • The month-long summer group “WOW”
  • The Humaniversity Intensives
  • Accelerated participation in the Therapist Training

Upon successful completion of the Student Program, you will enter the Senior Program.

Communal therapy is the best process to create change. Instead of seeing a psychoanalyst once a week, for five years… instead of going home and recuperating, you are in an environment where everybody is your teacher. After sessions, you are able to follow up what you have learned and apply it in your living situation here at the Humaniversity. Your whole life is involved in the learning process, and everybody takes care of each other. In communal therapy, if you are not happy, everybody is responsible for you.   Veeresh

The program is ongoing. You can start any day of the year.

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