Jayesh Jonathan Feldman


My goal is to help people to relax, feel welcome and happy. In my workshops I use theater, emotional release, and exercises in which they can take steps to find out what it is that fulfills them.

When I arrived at the Humaniversity in 2005, I was determined to change my life. I wanted to let go of the judgments that always kept me at a safe distance from fulfilling relationships and romance in my life. I sensed that the Humaniversity had both the energy and the support that I needed to change. This has been true, but what surprised me was the level of clarity and warmth of everyone here. I came to see that this was not only an institute of therapy, but also a community where care and honesty are the norm. I decided to make this my home.

My personal goal is to become the most loving therapist and human being that I can become.

I studied at Harvard University and later I moved into personal growth by participating in workshops in California. Over the years I have done many different things - from working as a bicycle mechanic, to teaching children in outdoor education programs, to building trails in the Rocky Mountains. My passions are bicycle riding, hiking, and skiing. I love quality and paying attention to details, whether it's about chocolate or caring for my friends.