Isha Giulia Rubini


I enjoy giving all my heart, sharing myself totally and intoxicating those around me with my drive for life and love. I am the Community Director, lead workshops in encounter, personal power, sensitivity, passion, presentation skills, theater arts and Osho Do, our own form of martial arts. In everything I do it is important for me to share openness, compassion, friendship and laughter.

Before coming to the Humaniversity in 1993 I studied art and design in Venice and Milan. I worked as a graphic designer in the field of advertising in Milan and Rotterdam.

My passion is to guide people in a process that helps to liberate old stored emotions and transforms them into fire for life.

I love my body, my partner and my family. I love creativity and theater, skiing, swimming and snorkeling. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and eating pasta and good food.


Director of the Community