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AUM Meditation AUM Meditation

AUM Meditation


The Music to Veeresh's first famous Social Meditation - the AUM Meditation.


Music for Meditation, Celebration and Making Love
Veeresh created the AUM Meditation, the first Social Meditation, in 1989. He dedicated it to Osho, as a way to show his gratitude. In this new edition, Veeresh has added a stage called "I Am Sorry", and a new aum chanting song.

This intense process is guided with care and understanding and is taking place all over the world. AUM stands for Awareness, Understanding and Meditation, as explained by Osho. It is a rollercoaster ride into the depth of your being, zig-zagging between the polarities of life. It will move you from hate to love, from running to shaking, from freaking out to soft dancing, from crying to laughing, from sensual dancing to aum chanting and from silence to hugging. These sudden changes can lead to deep insights.

As the mind gets confused and loses control, deeper layers can emerge. Through bodywork and emotional release we can regain our original sensitivity and flexibility back. Then we can enjoy pleasurable situations in life without fear. If the AUM Meditation is done with awareness, it can bring you to your inner being, a place of deep silence.

The AUM Meditation can only be led by Certified AUM Meditation Leaders. We have designed the AUM Meditation Leader Training for this purpose. It gives you an opportunity to experience the meditation in-depth in the context of the 5-day AUM Marathon with Veeresh.

The AUM Marathon takes place regularly at the OSHO Humaniversity, Egmond aan Zee, Holland.


  1. Return to Hell
  2. I am Sorry
  3. Heaven
  4. Second Wind
  5. Kundalini Rising
  6. Cuckoo
  7. Free
  8. Meltdow
  9. Laughing Buddhas
  10. Dance of the Lovers
  11. Center of the Universe
  12. Wowing
  13. Namasté

Main Specifications

Artist: Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound

Published: 2010

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