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Peace Is In Our Hands Peace Is In Our Hands

Peace Is In Our Hands


The music of the Peace Meditation.


This Social Meditation is set to lively dance tracks and sweet hugging music. It is an inner journey to become aware that we have the ability to create war or peace inside of us. Peace begins with us!

"The 'Peace Is in Our Hands' experience is an awareness exercise to get people to see what's going on inside themselves in relation to war and peace.

If a lot of people think the same way, this energy will create a counter-balance to the war mentality of 'Kill for peace'. It has nothing to do with whether you can stop the 57 wars which are happening in the world today, or what you're able to do in a lifetime, you just do it.

You do what you can and that creates consciousness.

Consciousness creates movement and change. Maybe this experience can create more personal awareness that we are all responsible for who we are, what we do and what happens to us". -Veeresh 


  1. It's Up to Us
  2. Take a Position
  3. Let's Make Sure
  4. My Wish
  5. Peacefulness
  6. Peace On Earth
  7. Peace and Love
  8. Magician
  9. Peaceful Day
  10. Open Your Heart

Main Specifications

Artist: Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound

Published: 2003

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