Feelings, Meditation and Being Alive

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Dear Visitor,
My first glimpse of meditation happened in the Himalayas.
I was climbing a mountain on a one-day trek from Pokhara, Nepal, when I turned to look at the view. There was a deep blue lake surrounded by terraces of green rice fields, enclosed by giant white mountains reflected in the clear water. I watched it for a while, and then a disappointed little voice inside me said, ‘beautiful view, so what!’. 

At that moment, I realized there was a screen between reality and myself. I knew the view was one of the most spectacular things I had ever seen, but I couldn’t enjoy it. This was shocking and saddening.

The next day I was sitting by the lakeshore, trying to look at the water. I sensed a tension around my heart and became curious about it. To my surprise, the tension changed as I was noticing it, as if it had a life of its own. I inhaled and it became feebler, exhaled and it became dense. An intense feeling grew in my heart and all of a sudden, I felt the pain from a relationship break-up just a few months earlier. Tears flooded my eyes and I felt a deep sense of relief. 

That was it. I hadn’t even realized I had been walking through life half-alive. I had pushed the pain of the break-up to a faraway corner of my consciousness, thinking I was doing myself a favor, but in fact I had only been rejecting myself.

This experience taught me to allow myself to feel my feelings, especially the ones I judge or don’t want to feel, because they are too painful. In order to be in reality I need to accept myself first. This process was like an alchemy, I managed to transform negativity into love.

We are happy to offer you opportunities to explore yourself, be in the moment and feel alive. Please see our online meditations and workshops in the coming 2 months.

With love,

Online Meditations

7 March with Geetee & Isha - Free of charge
We will do an online version of the Humaniversity AUM Meditation.

In this event, we will help you to release stress and pent-up feelings and transform them into a more loving, celebrative and peaceful energy.
Please bring a towel, notebook and pen to support your process.
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14 March with Chandrika - Free of charge
Experience the Samasati Meditation online. This is the last meditation Veeresh created and it is a beautiful gentle way to go inside and appreciate our life.
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21 March with Sunito - Free of charge
Sunito is leading a whole day of Osho Meditations (see below). Osho No-Dimensions will be featured in our Sunday zoom event. No-Dimension is a powerful method for centering one’s energy. It is based on a Sufi technique of movements for awareness and integration of the body.
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28 March with Geetee - Free of charge
I look forward to play my latest favorite tracks and create a musical journey for you. We will start in our heart, and then radiate our good feelings through movement and dance around the world.
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Online Workshops

Feeling Alive and Loved

Feeling Alive and Loved

  • 27 & 28 February with: Geetee

In this workshop I want to provide quality time and the feeling of being together with others in a close and family-like atmosphere.

I invite you to take time out, open your heart, share what is happening in your life and get nourished by the quality and the variety of activities we are going to do together.

From Fear to Excitement - Part 1

From Fear to Excitement

  • 6 & 13 March with: Rajan

Do you want to find out what holds you back in life, discover what you actually need, and become excited about integrating this into your life?

I have often experienced how fear limits my expression and behaviour. I judge it, and end up covering it up. I also know myself as the complete opposite. I trust myself fully, feel passionate and free, and love what I do. 

In this workshop we will look at what you are afraid of, what you need deep down, and how you can turn this energy into a creative, positive state called excitement.

Osho Day

Osho Day

With gratitude to Osho and Veeresh, founder of the Humaniversity, we are offering an online Osho Day on 21 March, the day Osho got enlightened. 

We will meditate, laugh, share and connect with each other during this wonderful one day event.