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Dear Visitor,
The Humaniversity online events continue to be popular, and I am joining them from behind the scenes. I keep our little studio in good shape, both cosy and practical, making sure everything is running smoothly. Every time we go online I am excited to see new faces, and meet familiar ones. It is as if, for a brief moment, the world comes into my living-room to say hi and share a hug.

While assisting Geetee in his online workshops, I found myself touched by how grateful the participants were to be able to connect with us, each other and themselves in a deep and meaningful way. They got a chance to express themselves, be heard, feel seen, and guided to their next step towards what they want to create in their lives. 

In February and March we have three beautiful online groups. Geetee is leading Stepping into Happiness and Feeling Alive and Loved, and Rajan is leading From Fear to Excitement.

I love being part of the creative process of our online events, and I hope to see as many of you there.  

With lots of love,
Stepping into Happiness - Part 1

Stepping into Happiness

  • 2-day online workshop with
  • Geetee 6 & 13 February

In this online workshop, we will engage on a journey to explore one area in your life, where your energy is not flowing. This can be an area where you feel stuck or have lost your spark or confidence in yourself.

I will guide you with my love and over 25 years of work experience in the field of emotional psychology. I will use light bodywork, emotional awareness exercises and interactive coaching to help you create a positive new vision and an action plan to bring more happiness into your life.

I look forward to embark on this journey with you and to help you realise that you have the power to create what you want in your life.

Feeling Alive and Loved

Feeling Alive and Loved

  • Online weekend workshop with Geetee 27 & 28 February

In this workshop I want to provide quality time and the feeling of being together with others in a close and family-like atmosphere.

I invite you to take time out, open your heart, share what is happening in your life and get nourished by the quality and the variety of activities we are going to do together.

Fear to Excitement - Part 1

From Fear to Excitement

  • 2-day online workshop with Rajan 6 & 13 March

When I experience limitations in my life, I often find that my underlying emotional experience is fear based. When I feel fully connected with what I do, I feel a sense of trust in myself and purpose. 

In this workshop we will explore what holds us back and how we can turn this energy into a creative, positive state called excitement.

Upcoming Sunday Online Meditations & Events

Friendship Meditation: 24 January with Rajan
Love Meditation: 7 February with Jayesh
Valentine's Event: 14 February with Isha & Sunito