Increasing the Light

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Heart meeting
Dear Visitor,
During Christmas we had a beautiful online heart meeting with Premdip, Geetee and Isha. Heart meetings are sessions where participants can ask a personal question, and the Humaniversity staff answer from their own experience. 

I was reflecting on my vision for 2021. I want to grow as a human being, so that I can fulfil my purpose, supporting others to grow. I really look forward to introducing the Friendship Meditation on zoom, and raising everyone's awareness in their way of relating.

In the online heart meeting Premdip said: "When you take part in our online meditations and show yourself and your picture, you radiate your light towards others and the world".

The amazing thing about these online events is that they have a positive emotional impact, even though everyone is behind a screen. By joining you commit to expanding your own personal growth, as well as supporting the global process of increasing the light in our world today.
I would love if you bring a friend or family member, who you think might benefit from these experiences.

Together we can do it, see you zoom...
Love, Rajan

Upcoming Online Meditations and Events

Peace Meditation

Peace Meditation

We invite you to experience the Humaniversity Peace Meditation, a process of awareness, connection, peace and celebration.

If you really want peace on the earth, create peace in your heart in your being. That is the right place to begin with and then spread, radiate peace and love. -Osho

Our Sacred Earth Meditation

Our Sacred Earth Meditation

  • 17 January at 15:00 with
  • Gabi

Our Sacred Earth Meditation uses shaking and dancing, perfect for letting go of emotional stress or physical tension. It gently guides you to feel your body and breath, and to create a feeling of gratitude towards yourself, others and this amazing world we live in.

Friendship Meditation

Friendship Meditation

  • 24 January at 15:00 with
  • Rajan

The Friendship Meditation is a social meditation where we evalutate what friendship means to us, what we expect from a friendship, and how we can create it. Learning how to be a friend is an art. It means that we can be truly ourselves and still feel connected to each other. No matter what happens, we are friends forever. 

Dance for a Better World Celebration, Vol. 6

Dance for a Better World Celebration Vol. 6

  • 31 January at 15:00 with
  • Geetee

I invite you to my online Dance for a Better World Celebration, Vol 6. I look forward to play my latest favorite music and create a musical journey for you. We will start in our heart, and then radiate our good feelings through movement and dance. 

You are welcome to join the party with beautiful people from all around the world. Feel free to connect and do what you like, dance, work, write, clean, enjoy nature, or anything else that makes you happy.