Trust the Creative Process and Create Love Inside

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Dear Visitor,
Earlier this summer I volunteered to write an article for Osho Viha Connection Magazine. The topic was how we could take this ‘special Corona times’ as an opportunity for growth and transformation. At first I thought it would be easy. Then the time came closer and I realized I didn’t have a clue how to gather and compose my thoughts on the matter.

I am quite familiar with the creative process. I design our calendar every year and I know how every creation takes its time to ripen and eventually to be born. This one though, felt like a big emptiness. In other words – a catastrophe.

My immediate respond was to give it up and ask someone else to write, though I knew this was not an option. I realized I had to reach out for support, and as I was sharing my frustration with Gabi, I started to cry, not even sure why. Her magic words came as a light in the darkness: "In your heart, you know what you want to write, it’s just that your mind doesn’t have the words for it yet." 

The following day I set down and wrote the article almost in one go. I am very proud of it and I would love you to read it. The learning for me was about trust in the creative process, trust in myself, and trusting my friends. 

You can read the article here »

Love, Sambodhi

Our Upcoming Online Events and Workshops

Samasati Meditation

Samasati Meditation

  • Online Meditation with Chandrika, 13 December

Experience the Samasati Meditation online. This is the last meditation Veeresh created and it is a beautiful gentle way to go inside and appreciate our life.

Feeling Alive and Loved

Feeling Alive and Loved

  • Online Workshop with Geetee, 19 & 20 December

In this workshop I want to provide quality time and the feeling of being together with others in a close and family-like atmosphere.

I invite you to take time out, open your heart, share what is happening in your life and get nourished by the quality and the variety of activities we are going to do together.

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Healing Vibrations Meditation

This new Healing Vibrations Meditation is a tool to help you to de-stress your body and for you to relax on a mental, emotional and physical level. Through the connection to our body and the release of tensions and blocks, we can create a new basis to reprogram ourselves in a positive way.

The meditation is available on Vimeo. After purchasing it, you can watch it as many times as you want.