When the World Changes, We Change

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Dear Visitor,
“When I change the world changes.” This ancient Japanese poem inspires us to make the best of the current situation concerning COVID-19.
For us it is now: “When the world changes, we change.”
We wish this mail finds you in balanced spirit and that you find your way in handling this special situation.
We at the Humaniversity are keeping the institute and our community open, and using our creativity to design the programs, workshops and upcoming OSHO Festival in the best way for all of us. We continue our way of life and offer our work with even greater awareness, love and responsibility.
We are focusing on staying healthy, strengthening our immune systems and keeping our spirits open and light.
We choose to put our energy into meditation, introspection and beautifying our ‘Buddhafield’, and as the sun is shining here, going for bike rides in nature and walks on the beach.
We want to ensure good health and safety for everyone who comes into our community and those who are already living here. We kindly ask that if you are feeling unwell, please take care of yourself at home until you are better.
Love is the goal,
Meditation is the way
And together we can do it.
Premdip, Geetee and Isha in the name of Veeresh’s family at the Humaniversity