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The New Sexuality Training
Dear Visitor,
As a counselor of the New Sexuality Training I’m excited to start our new year with the workshop Sexuality Awareness in March.

I discovered that in order to have a meaningful sexual life I first need to create intimate friendships, where I can share myself honestly and feel safe to give and receive pleasure and love.

One of our trainees shared her experience of the training. I was impressed by her courage and transformation:

“Before the training, sex totally stressed me out. So much, that after a bad breakup I had been avoiding it for three years pretty much altogether. Now my body has woken up again and I (re)discovered my playfulness and creativity.“  Read her whole story here »

You are welcome to join us for Sexuality Awareness, and then decide if you would like to be a part of the training. For more information feel free to contact us.

Much love,
The New Sexuality Training

The New Sexuality Training

A deep exploration of your intimate, emotional & sexual life

The New Sexuality Training is an opportunity to enrich and explore your sexuality in a safe environment and to learn from masters in the field.

Sexuality Awareness

Sexuality Awareness

Sexuality is a gift of nature. It allows us to give and receive pleasure and create life. Social conditioning can create confusion and restrictions. Through emotional awareness exercises, creative expression and loving connections, you can open your heart and experience a deeper sense of your sexuality.

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