Humaniversity By-Laws

Welcome to the Humaniversity. This campus is a special place of learning, personal growth and treatment. Every activity is designed and organized for the maximum benefit and care of our students and other residents (collectively called the “residents”), our invited visitors, and our environment. The By-Laws exist to help everyone have an enjoyable and successful visit.

1. PRIVATE PROPERTY: The Campus is the private property of the Humaniversity and is not a public place or right of way. Entry onto the campus is permitted only for the purpose of approved studies, pre-arranged appointment, or in response to a specific public or private invitation. This means that no-one without valid authority or approval is entitled, as of right, to enter the Campus, including especially, for the purposes of: sight-seeing, car parking, walking, or access to the dunes or adjoining properties.

2. AGREEMENT AND COMPLIANCE WITH THE BY-LAWS: Entry onto the Campus is strictly conditional upon the Visitor’s complete and immediate compliance with the By-Laws. By entering and remaining on the Campus each Visitor demonstrates and asserts agreement to comply with, and submission to, the By-Laws.

3. VISITORS: For the purposes of these By-Laws, everyone entering the grounds and premises of the Humaniversity (“the Campus”), regardless of the nature of their presence, is regarded as a Visitor. This includes, but is not limited to, students, tradesmen, contractors, officials, media representatives, sight seers and all members of the public, whether or not a person has permission or an invitation to be on the Campus.

4. PUBLIC ENTRY, GUIDED TOURS AND EVENTS: Visitors are welcome to participate in guided tours of the Campus or special events which are publicly advertised from time to time. If you would like to participate, enquiries can be made at the reception desk at the front entrance to the main building (“Reception”). Your enquiries are welcome.

5. RECEPTION: All Visitors shall, immediately upon entering the Campus, attend the Reception to advise their arrival and the purpose of their visit. This applies whether or not a Visitor has an invitation. Reception is attended 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. When the building is locked, reception can be alerted by using the front door bell.

6. MOVEMENT AND ACCESS: After attending Reception, a Visitor will be introduced to a Humaniversity representative who will take care of needs of the Visitor. A Visitor shall not enter any other part of the main building or any other building or part of the Campus unless accompanied by a Humaniversity representative.

7. SECURITY AND RISK: The Campus is regularly patrolled and additional security measures are taken from time to time. However, the safety and security of Visitors and their property is not guaranteed. Please note therefore that the safety and security of the Visitor and any property of the Visitor are entirely at the risk and responsibility of the Visitor.

8. SAFETY, SECURITY & PRIVACY MEASURES: To maximize the safety, security and privacy of everyone on the Campus, no Visitor is permitted to:

  1. use any physical violence toward people, animals or property;
  2. bring any weapons of any kind onto the Campus;
  3. bring non-prescription or recreational drugs of any kind onto the Campus;
  4. smoke tobacco except in designated areas;
  5. move, or remove from the Campus, any property which is not owned by the Visitor, without the prior approval of a Humaniversity representative;
  6. bring any animals onto the Campus or to approach or touch any other animal which may already be on the Campus;
  7. take photographs or any film, video or audio recording of the Residents or the Campus without express prior written approval.

9. FIRE SAFETY: Upon entry to any building on the Campus the Visitor should note the location of the emergency exits, fire extinguishers and alarms. In the event of a fire, or the sounding of a fire alarm, all Visitors shall leave the building immediately through the nearest available emergency exit, gather on the car-parking lot, and at all times, follow the instructions of any fire safety coordinators.

10. PRIVACY: All visitors agree to respect the privacy of the Residents. No Visitor is entitled or permitted to engage in Reportage at any time while on the Campus without the express prior written approval from the Humaniversity. Reportage means: photography, film, video, audio or written recording regarding the Campus, the residents or events on the Campus; this applies whether the Reportage is for private or public or commercial use, including especially but not limited to publication by newspaper, radio, television or computer broadcast.

11. REPORTAGE AGREEMENT: A Visitor (and every member of a group of Visitors) who wishes to undertake Reportage is referred to as a “Reporter”; this term includes but is not limited to employees or representatives of media organizations’, free-lance reporters or any person speculating or acting with intent to publish a Reportage. Each Reporter shall observe, and as a consequence of their presence on the Campus agrees to be bound by, the following special conditions of entry onto the Campus:

  1. Each Reporter shall declare their arrival, representation credentials, and their intentions, at Reception immediately after arriving;
  2. Legal ownership (including copyright) of all Reportage belongs exclusively to the Humaniversity including especially the exclusive right to final editorial approval or veto of any reportage which is proposed for publication;
  3. Reportage and a Reporter’s presence on the Campus may be subject to the condition that each Reporter shall first sign a formal written Reportage Agreement;
  4. In default of any condition of entry, each Reporter agrees that the Humaniversity has the right to take possession of, and retain all Reportage as it sees fit.

12. IDENTIFICATION: Visitors may, for their own benefit, be asked to wear a Visitor’s badge or similar form of identification. In the interests of authorized Visitors, Residents, and Reporters, any Visitor who cannot show their visitor’s badge on request, may be asked to leave the Campus.

13. PARKING: Visitors are not entitled to park any motor or other vehicle on the Campus as of right. Permission to park can be obtained from Reception and may be subject to a parking fee. All vehicles shall be parked in the areas designated and shall be moved on the request of a Humaniversity representative. The safety and security of a Visitor’s vehicle, and its accessories and contents, shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of the Visitor.

14. ENVIRONMENTAL CARE: A Visitor shall not walk through the Campus especially the dunes except on established pathways. A Visitor shall not drop or deposit any litter or rubbish onto the Campus especially cigarettes. In the interest of health and safety, Visitors are advised to avoid contact with any animals on the Campus.

15. LIABILITY, INDEMNITY AND RELEASE: Entry onto the Campus, and all activity and property of the Visitor is entirely at the risk and responsibility of the Visitor, Any death, injury, loss, or damage (collectively referred to as “an Accident”) caused or sustained by a Visitor shall be entirely at the liability or the Visitor. To the extent that a Visitor suffers an Accident or causes an accident affecting a Resident, another Visitor, or the Humaniversity, then that Visitor agrees to indemnity and hold harmless the Humaniversity from any claim or legal action which may arise as a consequence. Each Visitor waives any rights of action which the Visitor may have against the Humaniversity in relation to a Visitor’s accident and hereby releases the Humaniversity from any liabilities, for any contribution to such an Accident.

16. DEPARTURE: All Visitors shall advise Reception of their departure from the Campus.


  1. “The Humaniversity” means: The Humaniversity Foundation of Dr. Wiardi Beckmanlaan 4, 1931 BW Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands.
  2. “The Campus” means: all the property, land and buildings at or on (a) Dr. Wiardi Beckmanlaan 4, (b) Jan Dirk z’n Dal 30a 1931 DM in Egmond aan Zee, and (c) any other land, premises, or facility used by the Humaniversity in any location or country for the conduct of Humaniversity activities.
  3. These By-Laws may be changed at any time without notice. For information concerning any changes to the By-Laws please enquire at Reception.

By Order of the Board, The Humaniversity Foundation

Dated: May 20th, 1998