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Geetanand Oliver Klappenberger


I became a Humaniversity Therapist because I continually strive to become the most loving person possible. I want to support people to live happy and fulfilled lives. I feel I can contribute to the vision of the Humaniversity by helping to create a more beautiful world for us all.

Love is the goal of my work, friendship is the way and awareness is the key.

I am the Director of Training, Master Staff Trainer, Student Program and Therapist Training Course Counselor, Encounter and Tan-Ju Trainer. I facilitate emotional awareness workshops and also manage our Public Relations Department and supervise the Humaniversity Sound Studio.

In all my work I like to create intensity and depth combined with a loving heart, warm care, friendship and fun.  I work with emotional release, encounter, social interaction, personal power and marathons. I live my "rock and roll" style of life with high energy.  I am a big-hearted loving friend, a passionate drummer and enjoy great house and trance music.