Encounter Training

Communicating with love, integrity and friendship

Encounter Training

If you avoid dealing with the conflicts between you and the outside world, it prevents you from coming close to others. It limits your social life, work life and relationships.

Whether you are a manager, leader, part of a team, parent, lover or friend, this training will help you to communicate more clearly, resolve conflicts and improve your way of relating. The only requirement is a willingness to open your heart.

Each year consists of

  • Six weekend workshops
  • The AUM Marathon – a six-day intensive workshop led by Geetee and the Humaniversity Staff
  • Four tutorial days to help you to integrate your experiences
  • A Vision Day with your peer group to evaluate your progress and set goals for the future

You will participate in one workshop a month over the course of the training. This will give you the opportunity to integrate what you learn into your daily life. Before and after each group you will have a sharing with your course counselor and fellow trainees to receive support and deepen your understanding of the process you are going through.

During the training you will find your personal power and be able to show your vulnerability in a safe and nourishing space. By forming friendships without the need to hide your feelings, you can reach across gaps and barriers that have previously seemed impossible. You will appreciate that in the end we are all the same – we are all looking for love.

When you can feel afraid, angry, sad and happy together with other people, you have found the freedom to be who you are. Premdip, Leader of the Encounter Training

First Year – Relating and Self-expression

The first year focuses on self-experience. You will learn how to take a position for yourself. This will increase your ability to respond appropriately when faced with difficult situations in life.

You will also have the opportunity to say out loud what is normally bottled-up inside and release negative emotions in a safe way. This brings clarity, making it easier for you to show your feelings, to see others for who they really are and to relate to them with sensitivity.

See the calendar of Level 1

Second Year – Caretaker Training

During this year you will learn how to take loving care of the newcomers in the workshops. By sharing your experience with others, you will reinforce your own learning. At the same time, you will participate in the workshops and deepen your friendships by practicing teamwork and honest communication with your peer group.

See the calendar of Level 2

Third Year – Staff Training

In the last year of the training you will develop your leadership skills. You will be encouraged to empathize with the people around you and understand what they might need in the group process. You will assist the staff by contributing your own ideas, participate in the workshops yourself and teach others from your own experience.

For me, encounter is the heart and soul of the Humaniversity. It's one of the most practical and effective methods which can be applied in your daily living. Basically, encounter is a self-awareness technique which uses honest confrontation and openness to feedback from others. Veeresh

See the calendar of Level 3


Upon completion of the Encounter Training you can participate in further studies to become a Humaniversity Facilitator, specializing in Encounter Therapy.

The training begins each year in January. You can start with any of the first three workshops in the training.

Course Counsellors

Leader: Premdip
Course Counsellor Level 1: Isha
Course Counsellor Level 2: Rajan
Course Counsellor Level 3: Geetee