Anthony Dharmaraj Carrivick


My passion is to help people realize their potential and reach for the stars with both feet firmly on the ground.

I aim to guide people in discovering solutions for themselves that are simple, practical and realistic. Life should be as enjoyable as possible, so I don't forget to bring humor and fun into my work.

Before coming to live and work at the Humaniversity I practiced corporate law in Australia and had a successful career working in television, finance and government. After a few years of aiming for only wealth and success I needed to change, and I resolved to become a therapist and live my life guided by love and friendship instead.

I chose to study here at the Humaniversity because of Veeresh's commitment to 'train the best therapists in the world', and the integrity he brought to his work.

I am the Manager of Practical Affairs, a Master Staff Trainer, I lead the Humaniversity Intensive Coming Together, and seminars on all aspects of Humaniversity Therapy. I also handle the legal affairs of the Humaniversity. Currently I am writing a book on Humaniversity Therapy called Love Is Always the Answer, the companion to my first book about Humaniversity Psychology, Veeresh: Bliss Beyond Fear.

I live here with Chandrika, my wife.  I like movies, history, architecture, design, a good malt whiskey and the occasional cigar. I have recently discovered a passion for landscaping and am in the process of finishing an intricate garden.


Manager of Practical Affairs