Online Family Constellation with Sambodhi

Online Family Constellation with Sambodhi

Many issues we face in our life today can be traced back to our family of origin. Family constellation is a gentle, yet powerful technique that exposes and heals those relationships.

In a single session, we can look at a particular issue or a problem and find its roots. We will examine, for example, if it results from an unresolved issue or an imbalance in our family system. By bringing these to light, we create space for resolution and reconciliation.

This liberates us from the past and produces positive changes in our lives. The result is healing within our family and us.

We can use this method also to bring more clarity to an upcoming or pending important life decision.

I have done many constellations and each one of them had clarified and helped me personally to move forward. I am certified and trained in "Heal your Roots" by Sakino Mathilde Sternberg.

When leading a session, I love to follow my intuition and support you in finding healing and clarity. Together we will create more peace in you, your family and your relationships.

I am grateful that I can offer you the space to resolve issues that are holding you back through this beautiful and gentle technique.

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My introduction to Family Constellation

I fell in love with Family Constellation the first time I witnessed a session. I watched the representing someone in a constellation moving in a way that felt like magic. I had the same experience when I was a ‘stand in’ myself. A force from within lead me to move and to feel. It also defined what I felt towards the other representatives.

I find it special that a constellation can bring an alternative point of view to a given situation. When we see ourselves as part of a system, we can deepen our understanding from a different perspective and relax more. 

I could see it when I did it the first time; I placed representatives for the members of my family of origin and lastly I placed someone to represent myself. I sat down and watched the dynamic. To my surprise, the woman who ‘stood in’ for me started sobbing very deeply and very loud. The therapist had asked her what was the matter and she answered that she missed her father.

I was only twelve years old when my beloved Dad, whom I totally loved and adored, died unexpectedly. His death left me shocked and unprepared. I was too young to process the pain of the loss, and so I have found ways to suppress my feelings and bury the pain deep in my unconscious.

I had never met this woman before and she had no idea about my story. Her deep tears and trembling body allowed me to recognize and acknowledge the huge pain that I was carrying all these years. This was all I needed to take from this constellation. I could recognize the part in me which needed space and time to mourn and grieve. I had to address the pain of a 12 year old girl so that the grown up woman could move on with her life.

I have done many constellations and each one of them had clarified and helped me personally to move forward.