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NEW SEXUALITY Training level 2

Level 2:
* You assist in the group staff of five weekend workshops as a caretaker. You help organize the activities, and you work individually with people that have difficulties or need extra help, and you lead short structures under supervision.
* You participate in three Tutorial days and a Tutorial Weekend on Humaniversity Therapy
* You participate in one Vision weekend for NEW SEXUALTY trainees only.
* Participation in the WOW month-long group before or during level 2. (to be paid separately)
* You also present a seminar that is based on your personal research in the area of sexuality, and you submit a summary in written form to the Course Leader.

When you finish the training you will receive a certificate of completion. You will be able to hold individual sex counseling sessions, to work out a plan toward a solution of a client's problem, as well as to lead sharing sessions with a small group of people under supervision of your mentor.

Leader: Chandrika
Course Counsellor Level 2: Yogini

Workshops in NEW Sexuality Training Level 2