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Therapist Training Level 4

At Level IV you follow an intensive program of workshops to develop your professional and organisational skills. Your theoretical studies are an assimilation of the material of the second and third levels, with specialisation into certain therapeutic approaches. In addition to the program, you are on the group staff of five workshops, to be arranged in consultation with the Course Counsellor.
* Participation in professional development workshops
* Staff in five Humaniversity workshops
* Written work: a report on your professional development in your work outside the Humaniversity.
* A substantial paper of four A4 pages discussing a selected aspect of therapy, explaining the topic from the perspective of at least two relevant scientific theories as well as your personal experience, including a short summary and presented to your peer group as a seminar not longer than 30min. This can also be in the form of an alternative project approved by the College of Deans.
* You must have attended the workshops in the program, or alternatives approved by the Training Committee. You must satisfactorily complete all tutorial assignments.
* You must write a substantial paper on therapy,approved by the Examination board.
* The paper must be submitted within two years from the time of completion of the fourth level of the training. Extensions may be given in exceptional circumstances.
When all of these requirements are fulfilled, you will be given a Confirmation of Completion.