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Therapist Training Level 3

At this level you will deepen what you started at Level II, and you will develop your professional skills. Feedback is used extensively as an aid to learning. As an Assistant Staff you work in a responsible way in the workshops, under supervision, guiding the group through given structures. You also begin to train the junior trainees. This position requires a high amount of sensitivity and awareness about what is going on within you and others under stressful and unexpected conditions. During this part of the training, you can experience your theoretical work in practice: humanistic and trans-personal psychology, different body/mind approaches and different paths towards meditation.
* Participant in a professional development program, including administrative and organisational skills.
* Assistant staff in five Multiversity workshops
* Supervision of traineeship with tutorial days
* Submit a summary paper of not more than two A4 pages on a chosen topic of Humaniversity Psychology, discussing one relevant theoretical background with your personal experience and present it as a seminar to your peer group (20min.).
* You will be involved in a process of continuous self-assessment. You will be able see how you are developing, and how you are able to integrate your skills and theoretical studies with your work as an Assistant Staff.