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Therapist Training Level 2

Level II focuses on taking responsibility for yourself, while becoming aware of the actions, intentions and needs of the people around you. You continue to develop yourself, and as a junior trainee on the group staff, you begin to share what you have already learned. The challenge is to learn to take care as well as to participate in the group or sessions. There are tutorial days to help you integrate your practical work and your theoretical studies.
* Junior trainee in the nine Weekend Workshops. As a caretaker you assist the staff in organising the group. You attend the caretaker meetings, help in the structures and work on the assignments given to you. If structures or techniques used are unknown to you, you have the chance to learn by joining the group.
* Caretaker in the one-month residential extended workshop
* Tutorial days connected with the training weekends. Your theoretical studies are related to the topics of the weekend workshops.
* Submit a paper of a summary not more then one A4 page, describing one topic in psychology relevant to your personal experience in the training and distribute it to your peer group
* Your willingness to learn: your ability to take a position and to remain open to feedback.
* Your personal motivation to continue to train to work with people.
* Your ability to stay centered while involved in your personal process and the group process at the same time.
* Your skills and ability to work with people.
* Your presence: your ability to give, and be aware.
* Your clarity of expression.
* Your availability: being open for the needs of the workshop participants.
* Your flexibility: your ability to respond to changes.
* Your organisational capabilities.
* Your active participation: your willingness to present ideas and suggestions.
* Your ability to make friends in the workshop and with the staff.

Workshops in Therapist Training Level 2