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Therapist Training Level 1

Level 1 focuses entirely on self-experience and personal awareness. You learn about your behaviour, attitudes and feelings towards yourself and others, your responsibilities, actions and reactions concerning authority, relationships, families, communities and the planet. You learn to give and receive love.

* Participation in nine weekend workshops As a participant, you join the workshops, follow the group structures and you experience all the techniques yourself. Before and after each group there is a sharing to integrate your experiences.
* One month residential extended workshop The theme of the month-long program varies each year. Whatever the theme, it is always an intensive adventure in relating with others, that brings you closer to who you are.

* Successful completion of Level I is not measured in terms of knowledge or skills. Rather, it is based on your willingness to use all of the experience of the training to discover yourself.

Workshops in Therapist Training Level 1