Aum Meditation Leader Training

Aum Meditation Leader Training
Starting: Monday, 17 October 2022
Time: 15:00
Ending: Thursday, 03 November 2022
Time: 21:00
With: Chandrika & Prem Jan
Price: 2,850.00
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About Aum Meditation Leader Training

The AUM Meditation is our most famous and popular meditation.

The aim is to consciously transform stress and negative emotions into positive and creative energy and to generate personal and universal well-being. The result is deep, loving friendships.

The AUM is being led regularly all over the world by a team of inspired AUM Leaders from Canada to Israel, from Brazil to Poona, in Russia, Australia and all over Europe.

The AUM Leader Training is a great opportunity to become part of our ever growing world-wide network of AUM Leaders and to share this amazing life-changing process with others.

Part of this training is the AUM Marathon led by Geetee and Isha, a deep and unique process of understanding yourself.

Before and after the Marathon, the training will consist of practical, theoretical and personal teaching and guidance by Chandrika and Prem Jan.

Topics included are:
* Presentation skills;
* Video as well as peer-group feedback;
* Individual guidance into an in-depth experience of the stages;
* Flexibility in applying the structure according to the situation;
* Communication skills;
* Emergency tips;
* Taking care of yourself;
* Self-defense and personal power;
* Creativity in various situations
* ...and more.