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Shamanic Work & Healing with Live Wood

Shamanic Work & Healing with Live Wood
Starting: Friday, 08 May 2020
Time: 19:00
Ending: Sunday, 10 May 2020
Time: 19:00
With: Dusty 14 & Amisha
Theme: Healing
Price: 250.00
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    About Shamanic Work & Healing with Live Wood

    This workshop is non-residential.
    Food and Accommodation optional for a fee.

    This unique workshop is led by the British elfin craftsman, Dusty Miller the 14th, who has been trained by his father Dusty Miller the 13th. Dusty the 13th is the current patriarch of what is believed to be the oldest elfin tribe still living in the British Isles. Through storytelling and practice, these shamans teach you how to heal with Live Wood and the spirits of the ancient trees.

    This is a unique opportunity to see one of the Dusties working, when he brings a life-long experience in working with Live Wood Healing Tools and a wealth of ancient folklore of Britain from the time their tribe that used to roam the woods in the area nowadays known as Kent.

    The Dusties (shamans) of the tribe were the spiritual guides who not only looked after the livestock but also after the well-being of every single member of the tribe. The female partners of the Dusties were the midwives and the priestesses who looked after the well-being of the women and children, creating ceremonies to honor the Goddess, celebrating womanhood and passing on tribal stories in the red moon lodges. The wife of Dusty the 14th, Claudia Miller, is herself a priestess of the Great Mother Goddess (like her mother-in-law, Jen Miller).

    The Dusties lived in harmony with Mother Earth and its beings and so learned to communicate with trees. Over the centuries of working together, the tree spirits (dryads) came to trust the Dusties, so they agreed to give them a dryad spirit within a piece of branch or root, a piece of Live Wood, to help the tribal members in their self-development. The Dusties of our time are trusted by the dryads to make pieces of Live Wood to help the whole of humanity in its self-development, so that we as human beings learn again to live and work together as one with each other and with Mother Earth.

    In this workshop, they will share their knowledge, wisdom and warmth with you through their heartful stories, guided meditations and practicing contacting the tree spirits.

    Read more on www.livewood.nl or www.magic-spells.co.uk

    Introductory evening:
    Friday: 19.00 - approx. 21.00
    Fee: Euros 25.00

    Saturday: 10.00-12.30; 14.30-19.30
    Sunday: 10.00-12.30; 14.30-17.00
    Fee (including Introductory Evening): Euros 250.00

    Food & accommodation optional for a fee - please enquire at the booking office.