Body Knowledge & Expression

Body Knowledge & Expression
Starting: Friday, 24 January 2020
Time: 19:30
Ending: Sunday, 26 January 2020
Time: 21:00
With: Sangitama
Price: 385.00
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About Body Knowledge & Expression

Your body reflects your life situation, behavior and attitudes. In this workshop you will learn to read and understand your body type and how this relates to your emotional life. Sangitama will guide you to release tensions through emotional expression and replace negativity with healing messages.

Based on the findings of Alexander Lowen, who has categorized the emotional body of a person into several body types, and body workers like Ken Dytchwald, who gave an emotional definition to each part of the body, we will learn to read our own bodies and relate it to our personal life situation, behaviors and attitudes. Then, the relationship to our body can change: Whereas before we had learnt that the body had to be controlled, we now can listen to its healing messages. This adventure in understanding your emotional self will deepen through learning ways of releasing behaviors and patterns that were formed to protect your emotional ego from pain and hurt. We also work on replacing negative expectations in life with new, positive affirmations in the safe and loving environment of this workshop. Your body holds an amazing amount of wisdom, where each cell has a memory of this wisdom and you can learn to access it and trust it.