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Starting: Saturday, 02 November 2019
Time: 10:00
Ending: Sunday, 03 November 2019
Time: 19:00
With: Lucius
Price: 250.00
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    About Parapsychology

    Lucius Werthmüller has been studying Psi Phenomena and altered states of mind for thirty years. During these periods he has been meeting innumerable healers, psychic media, shamans, teachers of wisdom and Psi-enabled people - meetings that widened his concept of reality.

    This workshop offers a variety of experience reports, self-made video clips, theoretical comments and reports of self-experiences in meditations and sensitive exercises.

    Lucius gives reports of his innumerable meetings with trance surgeons from Brazil and with mental healers (Logurgen) of the Philippines. He will show some of his impressive videos of their paranormal operations. He has collected various experiences of so called physical mediums, in whose séances unbelievable things happen, for example materializations of different objects, levitations, materialization of ectoplasm and many other things.
    Lucius will also discuss how these Psi phenomena can challenge our concept of reality and change what our mind considers possible.

    During the practical parts of this workshop we will use meditations, trance techniques and consciousness travels. We will use information and vibrations of some materialized active stones from past séances. And we will be accompanied by paranormal sounds, which were recorded in the centers of terrestrial energies in Glastonbury and Buschberg, Austria.
    Lucius has been collecting a wide range of empirical knowledge about the power of those sounds, how they can widen our consciousness, how they have enriched many peoples' lives and what science has brought up to verify those experiences.

    This workshop is meant to support the participants' approach to their inner truth and their inner potential. The workshops' intention is to find out more about the structure of our prejudiced - and not really open-minded concept of reality. We will explore patterns that hinder us to completely expand our possibilities. Raising our consciousness and the integration of the different levels of our multidimensional being will help us to emancipate ourselves towards a better and more autonomous identity of our being.