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Je t'aime: The Art of Love

Je t'aime: The Art of Love
Starting: Friday, 04 October 2019
Time: 19:30
Ending: Sunday, 06 October 2019
Time: 21:00
With: Isha
Price: 385.00
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    About Je t'aime: The Art of Love

    Everyone wants to be loved. We live in a world suffering from a lack of love. As we grow up, we lose touch with our emotions especially the basic feeling of love. Isha's heart reaches out to everyone around her. Whomever it touches feels her love and it will show you the way home - it will take you deeper to your joyful nature so you can really love yourself and others. She will use feedback, encounter structures, theatre and party. Jump and feel it!
    Learning the Art of Love is a lifelong affair, and it starts this very moment, in the here and now! Unconditional love is not love because you need to be loved - it is love because you need to love. From a taker, you can transform into a giver. Once you start giving from the heart, your life will become abundant with love.