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Love Spirit

Love Spirit
Starting: Friday, 05 June 2015
Time: 19:30
Ending: Monday, 08 June 2015
Time: 15:00
With: Veeresh
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    * This is a chance to participate in a Master class with Veeresh. It is a unique opportunity to get a full dose of love and bliss. So don't miss! You may think it was the wildest party you've ever had, or you may come to the conclusion it was the deepest therapeutic process possible.
    * You will learn so much in two and half days that you might even ask yourself: what will happen if I do this for a month?...'WOW'. You're a source of inexhaustible joy and infinite pleasure. You just have to turn the tap on.
    * "I invite you to take a risk, walk on the wild side and say yes" Veeresh