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Again and Again Love Is Always the Answer

Again and Again Love Is Always the Answer

By Sambodhi

I have been reflecting on the current situation in the world and how to use my experience and my learnings to handle it, and what came up for me was trust. I was 28 years old and sannyasin for three years when I realized I was stuck in my life. I was living in Israel, by myself, felt isolated and missed a sense of direction. 

How to deal with just about anything

How to deal with just about anything

Taking a position for love

Interview with: Sangitama | By: Yasha

Yasha: Sangi, in these challenging times, and with the news & social media bringing issue after issue to our attention, how do you manage to stay positive?

Sangi:  Well, said in the simplest way: Love is always the answer. Because it fundamentally is the energy that fuels and nourishes everything. We need it to feel good, to feel positive. Love makes the magic happen in your life.

And how do you get to that?

Every situation I am in shows me what position I am taking. Do I let myself get infected by the fear of others and withdraw, am I resorting to blaming or complaining about my circumstances, do I go numb and indifferent? Or, I could be curious and inquire within what my position is in what’s happening: What is my inner truth? And I always find that if I am not aligned with love, it’s not my truth, either.

How do you know what a position of love looks like in these situations?

If I am tense, stressed and negative, then I know I am not in a position of love. Then I know I need to breathe and relax, not to fight with the people around me or put more pressure on myself. When my body goes into relaxation, then I’m aligned with love. When my thoughts are kind, forgiving, and wishing the other person well, that’s a sign that I am aligned with love, and I’m creating good energy for myself and the world. No matter what happens on the outside, I can always look for that position and make that choice.

Change: You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are!

Interview with: Chandrika | By: Premdipa

According to Chandrika, changing is exciting, nourishing, and necessary – when you accept that “You are perfect just the way you are.” This may sound like a contradiction but Chandrika explains this paradoxical koan.   

I Am Worth It – Self-Respect and Acceptance

Interview with: Isha | By: Geetee | For: German Osho Times

I have my conditioning, things I learned to believe about myself.” And I asked myself: “Who am I actually? How do I feel about things? What do I like or don’t like? Who am I beyond my story?” I realized that I can actually find out and create my life.

Veeresh brought Osho’s message for me into a practical reality and in his programs and courses I could heal my wounds and traumas. I learned to let go of my anger and the resentments that I had accumulated in my past.

With me you get what you see. You get all of me, all my colors and all that comes with intensity. I love that about me. I respect myself because I know I am a good person with loving intentions.

Love Is Always the Answer

Interview with: Premdip | By: Geetee

I want to make sure that all Veeresh has created is going to carry on forever. For me, this is a tremendous gift and honor that he has bestowed upon me. I feel a big responsibility and I regard it a very important task. I am doing my best to do it well and at the same time not to be too serious. Humor needs to be part of being responsible. Being a leader means I have to be ready to change. Now I have an even greater motivation to evolve.

I love that we are a commune and take care of each other and our families and friends the best way we know. Everybody who comes here learns this art. Then they can go back to their own family and friends and apply the qualities and ethics that they have practiced with us.

Without my fear, who would I be

Interview with: Rajan | By: Premdipa

I see fear as one of the main roots of conflicts in our relationships, whether it’s working or love relationships, or in the way we relate with our friends and family. Because of fear we don’t dear to be ourselves and to be open. Instead, we feel we have to keep our guard up.

Without fear, who would you be? If you take away the fear you become the person you dream of being. You may admire or envy some qualities in other people and don’t realise you also have these qualities – you just don’t dare to step out of your box and live them. 

Healing is a multidimensional dive into your being

Interview with: Sangitama | By: Geetee | For: German Osho Times

Me & Trauma - Trauma & I

By Prabhat, Dr. med. Dietrich Sternberg

World war II and the Holocaust was over.

We loved to play and climb in the many ruins which was strictly forbidden for us post-war kids. I was born in 1950 and spent my first ten years in the coal mining and steel production district of Germany (“Ruhrpott”). I remember the emaciated devastated pallid withdrawn P.O.W.`s repatriated from Russia and Siberia. Some of them hardly ever talked again and shut down emotionally and socially like one of my uncles who had been accused of war crimes in Poland but had a narrow escape from being hanged because his slave workers stood up for him. Another irascible uncle threatened his family by his sudden unexpected hyper aggressive outbreaks of choleric attacks and excessive anger. He imposed mayor psychological burdens on his terrified spouse and son.

25 years later psychiatrists started to call these conditions post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

My Journey To Mastery

By Pia Baerwald

I was born in 1955 as a single child and looking back I mainly lived in a state of trauma governed by helplessness, numbed, like embedded in cotton, lonesome, feeling abandoned, confused, insecure: “Am I o.k.?” I remember a deep yearning for belonging, still coming up once-in-a-while all my life long.

My parents were refugees.

Trust Yourself, Then You Can Trust Life

Trust Yourself, Then You Can Trust Life

Interview with: Geetee | By: Jayesh | For: Osho German Times

Veeresh showed me that my intentions are good. I am a loving man and I see the same in you. My behavior is not always appropriate and sometimes I make mistakes, but who I am as a human being is good. When you operate from that position you learn to trust yourself. The more you trust yourself especially in difficult situations, the more you will appreciate the opportunity to make mistakes because then you can learn more and grow.

The Love in your Heart is the Source for Enlightenment

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Geetanand | For: German Osho Times
Sensitive Deep Bodywork

Sensitive Deep Bodywork

Interview with: Satyarthi | By: Sambodhi | Interview about: bodywork
Communal Evolution

Communal Evolution

Discovering the Master Inside of You

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Geetanand | For: German Osho Times

In this interview Veeresh talks about why the Humaniversity has been successful for over 30 years, and the significance of friendship within the staff.

Gratitude is a Quality of the Heart

Gratitude is a Quality of the Heart

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Geetanand | For: Osho Times Germany

I choose to come from a position of love and create relationships the way I would like to be treated. If the other doesn't respond, I don't get caught up with trying to get them to accept my love. My need is to love.

For me the Osho Humaniversity is an extension of Osho's dream, an opportunity to be myself, to share who I am and express my love. 

Osho Is the Greatest Poet for Me

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Chandrika | Interview about: actions, beauty, creativity, expression, harmony, life, love, Osho, poet, poetry

What is poetry to you? When does life have a poetic quality?

When I think of a poetic quality, I’m reminded of early Pune, hearing the blissed out Indians telling me that listening to Osho in Hindi was absolutely poetic. His choice of words created such elegance and harmony that people would get lost in his expression. He was creating beauty on earth just through his way of being, his special quality of defining his world.

A Challenge to Be Yourself

Communal Living

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Chandrika | Interview about: communal living, love, pain, self love, therapist training

A commune that is based on awareness and love gives a real sense of identity and belonging, which helps everyone to find out who they are. People start to look inside and understand that "I am lovable, I am a good person.

Celebration is the ideal way to live

Veeresh about the Tourist Program

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Geetanand | For: German Osho Times

The Tourist Program has been run at the Humaniversity for over 30 years. It has helped thousands of people to overcome personal crises and direct their lives in a more happy and cheerful direction.