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A Challenge to be Yourself

A commune that is based on awareness and love gives a real sense of identity and belonging, which helps everyone to find out who they are. People start to look inside and understand that “I am lovable, I am a good person.

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Building Bridges

Social interaction is the basis of Humaniversity Therapy – using the other person like a mirror. If you look at the AUM meditation, it’s interpersonal communication all the time. Then you can say, “Oh, I understand who I am inside.”

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Celebration is the Ideal Way to Live

The Tourist Program has been run at the Humaniversity for over 30 years. It has helped thousands of people to overcome personal crises and direct their lives in a more happy and cheerful direction.

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Communal Evolution

In this interview Veeresh talks about why the Humaniversity has been successful for over 30 years, and the significance of friendship within the staff.

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Community Means Common Unity

I think what makes the Humaniversity very exciting is that there’s always some change going on. We are involved with each other. We are connected, honest, sharing, loving, and friends…that’s the main thing.

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Crisis as a Stepping Stone

If the word, Wow! is a positive affirmation, or yes! for life, a crisis can be defined as a big Boo! – a no! in life. In this interview Veeresh shares from his many deep and touching life experiences.

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From Fear to Friendship

Veeresh is the founder of Osho Humaniversity, a personal growth center in Holland. He has helped many people to overcome their fears, expand their life experiences and find the courage to liberate themselves.

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From Teenage Junkie to President

Veeresh was a teenage drug-addict in New York. After his rehabilitation in the first ever Phoenix House program, he started Phoenix House in England and is now the founder and president of the Osho Humaniversity in Holland.

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Gratitude is a Quality of the Heart

I choose to come from a position of love and create relationships the way I would like to be treated. If the other doesn’t respond, I don’t get caught up with trying to get them to accept my love. My need is to love.

For me the Osho Humaniversity is an extension of Osho’s dream, an opportunity to be myself, to share who I am and express my love.

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Love – The True Power of a Man

I find that, often, if there is a sexuality workshop weekend, a lot more men come than women. It’s been very rare when it’s the opposite. The topic of the workshop influences whether men or women will come. I always want to set up the leadership to be both man and woman, so that everybody can identify. I always try to get a balance, by providing a mother and a father figure.

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Midlife – Time of Transitions

People reaching midlife often start questioning their purpose in life, their motives, their relationships, everything they have created so far, and sometimes even the meaning of life in general.

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Osho is my Superstar!

At the Humaniversity, fun and playfulness are constant ingredients in the work of Veeresh and his team. This interview was recorded in the Humaniversity Sound studio – Veeresh’s Creativity Office for painting and making music. He talks about his favorite entertainment, how he learned from Osho the art of bringing together playfulness and meditation, and how he uses fun and awareness in his work with people and in the community he is building.

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Osho Is the Greatest Poet for Me

What is poetry to you? When does life have a poetic quality?

When I think of a poetic quality, I’m reminded of early Pune, hearing the blissed out Indians telling me that listening to Osho in Hindi was absolutely poetic. His choice of words created such elegance and harmony that people would get lost in his expression. He was creating beauty on earth just through his way of being, his special quality of defining his world.

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Qualities of a Good Therapist

“Anybody who has ever worked with me knows that I care about and love myself and I want to project that onto everyone I work with. I don’t care because I have to, it’s because I want to. It makes me feel good when I feel I reached somebody.”

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Rainbow Spirit Festival

Earlier this year, Swami Anand Veeresh visited the Rainbow Festival in Baden-Baden. In this interview, conducted before he went, he talks about Social Meditation, peace, Osho and what he was looking forward to at the Festival.

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Ready for Change

“Yes, you are perfect just the way you are. But if you want to develop and reach your full potential, which is your responsibility in this life, you have to do some things to change your life, to improve yourself, to be more aware, to learn more.”

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The Inner Prison – Responsibility brings Freedom

Osho once told a very beautiful story. There was a special temple in India, on top of a mountain. The only way to get to the temple was to walk, and that was part of the trip of reaching this temple: you had to struggle. Everybody would go there once a year.

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The Love in your Heart is the Source for Enlightenment

Veeresh, I see you as a very peaceful and silent man, centered in your heart. How did you reach that space of silence within yourself?

That is the result of 73 years of living. But if I look at my life until the age of 28, I wasn’t peaceful at all. I was warlike. I was on a complete survival trip. From military academies to mental hospitals to jails, I learned how to control and manipulate my world. I had no time to look inside. I just arranged things on the outside so that I could feel safe.

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The Three Fears

In therapy group situations, there are three fears that always come up in people: the fear of going crazy, the fear of sexual orgasm and the fear of dying.

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Veeresh, the Painter

“My signature is pointing to a mandala, which is a point of concentration for meditation. It’s like my finger pointing to the moon. The moon is Osho. All my signatures are me pointing to the full moon, Osho. That’s the religious significance of my work.”

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Articles & Interviews with Humaniversity Therapists

The Value of Feedback

Article by Isha

Feedback is such a precious tool. Feedback was the thing that really made me wake up from my non-feeling world.

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About Humaniversity training

Article by Geetee

This is an excerpt from my report on our training during the Gathering 2022.

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Change- You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are

Interview with Chandrika by Premdipa

According to Chandrika, changing is exciting, nourishing, and necessary – when you accept that “You are perfect just the way you are.” This may sound like a contradiction but Chandrika explains this paradoxical koan.

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Friendship – The Art of Love

Article by Geetee

Friendship is the goal of Humaniversity Therapy. Everything we do here, living together as a communal family, teaching people in our workshops, programs, and trainings is finally geared towards creating more and deeper friendships.

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Healing is a multidimensional dive into your being

Interview with Sangitama by Geetee. Interviewed for German Osho Times

‘Healing’ involves so many aspects and levels that it becomes a multidimensional dive into your being.

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How to deal with just about anything

Interview with Sangitama by Yasha

If ever you are in a situation where you cannot find a position of love – drop the whole thing; you’re caught in a mindfuck. Instead, give your attention to the things around you where you can imagine love, and then move towards it.

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I Am Worth It – Self-Respect and Acceptance

Interview with Isha by Geetee. Interviewed for German Osho Times

Self-respect means honoring and listening to my heart and really trusting it. It means not to give energy to put myself down and to stop putting the world down for not fulfilling my expectations. Seeing and accepting all the different parts of me has been my biggest discovery.

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Love Is Always the Answer

Interview with Premdip by Geetee

Dear Premdip, you are the President of the Osho Humaniversity now. You are responsible for Veeresh’s legacy to continue and that we keep living Osho’s Dream. How is it for you to be the leader of this community?

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Trust Yourself, Then You Can Trust Life

Interview with Geetee by Jayesh. Interviewed for Osho German Times

Being ok or coming from a loving position means, I have to include all the parts of myself. Not just the nice parts or the parts that make me look good. I have to also include that sometimes I create a mess.

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What Is Holding Me Back From Enjoying My Life Fully

Interview with Gabi

Maybe you are asking yourself the question, “What can I change? What is holding me back from enjoying my life fully and what can I do about it?”

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Without my fear, who would I be

Interview with Rajan by Premdipa

Without fear, who would you be? If you take away the fear you become the person you dream of being. You may admire or envy some qualities in other people and don’t realise you also have these qualities – you just don’t dare to step out of your box and live them.

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Again and Again Love Is Always the Answer

Article by Sambodhi

I have been reflecting on the current situation in the world and how to use my experience and my learnings to handle it, and what came up for me was trust.

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Christmas with a Twist

Article by Sambodhi

I celebrated Christmas for the first time in my life 16 years ago. I was a student, halfway through my One Year Intensive, when December knocked at the door and we started decorating the house.

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Festive Season at the Humaniversity

Interview with Sambodhi & Dharmaraj

The Coming Together workshop is what we offer during the holiday time over Christmas and New Year. We like celebrating and having meaningful time together. We will also work with letting go of old emotional baggage, and create a personally tailored vision for the next year.

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Free Yourself into Love

Interview with Isha

Experiencing myself in the AUM Marathon opened up a space of “more” inside of me. This inspired me to live my life to the fullest and to decide to be happy.

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Get More Out of Life

With Chandrika

The WOW is an amazing experience where you can find out about yourself: How to get more out of life, how to expand, how to feel how you can be total.

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Tan-Ju- Teenage School of the Human Arts!

By Chandrika

Our education is quite different because of the way that we address emotional issues. We put a lot of attention into helping teenagers understand what a ‘feeling’ is.

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The AUM Marathon

By Yogini

The AUM Marathon is a unique group experience. It is exciting, fun, deep, and often unexpected. Its focus is on emotional flexibility and self-mastery.

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The Times They Are A-Changing

By Dharmaraj

We live in interesting times and, as Bob Dylan would say, ‘the times they are a-changing!’

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What Turns Me On is to Love Everyone Who Comes Here

“I want to give the wisdom of the things I have learned. I want to see the light beaming through peoples eyes, see them happy, relaxing, becoming more human, warm and sparkling.

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You Have the Power to Change

Learn to take responsibility, because you are responsible for your life. You are the only person who can change YOU! You can make a difference in your life and the difference is the WOW.

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Me & Trauma & Trauma & I

By: Prabhat, Dr. med. Dietrich Sternberg

Facing traumatic energies and dealing with them feels like the way of the hero. Our capacity to hurt or destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal and love one another.

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My Journey To Mastery

By Pia Baerwald

I am a seeker on all my journeys through the inner and outer worlds. My outer journeys expanded my inner perspectives and enriched me.

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