Aranyo Claudia Feuster


I was working as a nurse in Dialysis and as a Rebalancer before I came to live and study at the Humaniversity in 2006. I left my safe and predictable life to follow my heart, knowing that there is more in life to discover.

At the Humaniversity I found the place of having the adventure to look at all my different sides, my strength and my weaknesses and include them all for creating a life as beautiful as possible. I love to live here with my staff family, supporting each other to bring out the best in each and everyone.

I lead workshops and I assist the Wellness Weeks. I love to bring my humor, playfulness, and creativity in my work. I am very solution oriented and therefor I am always looking for making the "impossible" possible.

I want to support people to find their self-love, self-worth, happiness and fulfillment. I am convinced that if we can radiate this into the world, it will be a better place.

In my free time I love to be active, go running, hiking, biking, skating as well as relaxing with a good book and my friends.